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Osteopathy consultation

Paola’s approach is aimed at restoring mobility and wellness by looking at how you  move every day, how you exercise, how you  feel, how you  eat. Her passion is to help her clients to  overcoming pain while understanding its causes. The goal is  to achieve long-lasting changes by advising you on the appropriate  health and lifestyle choices.


She treats patients of all ages and with all kinds of musculoskeletal pain, from back and neck pain to muscular strains, sports injuries and postural issues as well as headaches caused by muscular tensions and structural imbalances, by blending  elements of osteopathy, medical acupuncture, yoga, psychosomatic bodywork.

Osteopathy Consultation Prices.

Practitioner: Ms Paola Ceccarelli, DO (Osteopathy)

Initial Consultation | 60 Mins | £110.00

Follow up | 40 mins | £90

What is  Osteopathy  and how it can help you.

Osteopathy is an established and recognized system of diagnosis and treatment that emphasizes the structural and functional integrity of the body. It is a very effective form of manual therapy devised in the 19th century by the US physician and surgeon, Dr Andrew Still.

While employing many of the procedures used in conventional medical assessment and diagnosis, osteopathy looks at wider factors affecting a person’s health such as nutrition, exercise, postural and occupational habits, physiological or psychological stress factors, and any underlying health issues.

Treatment will vary between patients depending on age, fitness, and diagnosis  but will  usually include rhythmic joint movements (articulation), gentle cranial osteopathic techniques, joint manipulations, muscle release  and active rehabilitation exercises.

Benefits of treatment will include...
  • Reduced pain and inflammation

  • Improving drainage and tissue microcirculation

  • Improved mobility and reduced stiffness and tensions

  • Restored function and structural alignment.

  • Accelerated recovery and a fast return to your everyday activities

  • Enhanced performance in sport exercise, and yoga practice.

  • Improved overall health and wellbeing

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Although often thought of as a treatment for back and neck pain only, osteopathy may also help a wide range of conditions

Chronic and acute back and neck pain | Shoulder, Arm & Hand Problems | Hip, Knee & Leg Problems | Lumbago | Neuralgia | Sports injuries | Slipped discs | Sciatica | Arthritic Pain | Muscle Spasms | Joint Pains | Trauma after road traffic accidents/ whiplash | Musculoskeletal aches and pains associated with | Pregnancy | Lymphatic congestion | Tension Headaches | Sinus problems | General muscular tension and Inability to Relax

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We believe that by expressing pain the body is often expressing the need to find not only structural but also functional and physiological health.


If you suffer from chronic and ongoing aches and pains, fatigue, lack of motivation in your exercise routine, if you experience  difficulty sleeping and dealing with stress or find it  hard to have the right nutritional balance for your active lifestyle , we suggest you book Our Active health functional medicine consultation . This will  assess and treat your current  symptoms by integrating functional medicine, osteopathy, medical acupuncture and rehabilitation and help your health beyond healing your pain.

Contact us for an appointment for an Active Health Functional medicine consultation.

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