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Active Health

Injuries & Chronic Pain Recovery

At Health Architects we adopt an interdisciplinary, patient centred and supportive approach to treat musculoskeletal conditions and lifestyle related issues. 

We can help you address chronic or recurrent aches and pains, sports injuries , postural imbalances, recurrent back, neck or joint pain, tension headaches,  muscular pain,  arthritic pain,  fatigue, difficulty sleeping, chronic stress, recurrent infections and colds, lack of energy and motivation to be more active.


We aim at creating a partnership with our patients where they learn the best tools to recover and stay well,  to prevent  future reoccurrences of their conditions and gain a positive and joyful attitude towards their health.

Our Integrated approach is not only aimed at recovery but also at keeping people active, and improving their resilience.

Our treatment team will create the best plan for you based on Functional medicine protocols and science,  elements of osteopathic principles and techniques, sport nutrition, medical acupuncture, yoga, pilates, rehabilitation exercises, sleep hygiene and stress management.

Your Next Step?

Contact us to book your initial Active Health assessment.

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