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Helping you journey to better health

A personalised approach that is sustainable and realistic, bringing you joy and a sense of empowerment.

Step 1

Initial assessment

Getting to know you and your health.  This is an initial 90 minute consultation, either remotely via zoom or in person at our clinic. We will listen, and identify concerns to understand you and your health goals.

Step 2


Following your assessment, we may need to prescribe lab tests so we can create a personalised plan for you.  We only suggest tests if they will add a substantial value to your health outcomes.  We will find a lab near you, or send specialty testing directly to your door.  We then create a realistic and sustainable plan that will match your health needs and goals, offering you the tools to build up your own health and vitality.

Step 3

Plan for better health

Your health plan is integrative as it may involve referrals to other practitioners in our team, and additional tools such as yoga, exercise, sleep management, osteopathy, medical acupuncture, nutritional advice and supplements.


Your health plan will give you the best results if you engage consistently with it. Your Initial Plan will be for 4 -6 weeks subject to review.


The first step in every journey is knowing where you are.

Fill in our questionnaire to receive a free preliminary health assessment to start your journey to better health

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