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Empowering you to be the architect of your own health

A personalised and holistic approach that integrates conventional and functional medicine


Quick fixes don't work. Integrative medicine treats the root cause. 

Our Integrative approach is unique and powerful - combining the science and wisdom of both conventional and functional medicine. 


We are all unique individuals and that is  why a one size fits all approach doesn't work when it comes to our health needs.  Our tailored approach means that no matter what ailment you have, we will not treat "it", we will treat YOU.


Resilience is our goal. Functional medicine provides tools to maintain health.  It addresses any imbalances in the body to prevent them becoming long-term issues.


We love the science bit. As experienced practitioners, we integrate the rigour of conventional medicine with science-based functional medicine -  combining dietary, lifestyle and physical interventions. 


Treating the body as a whole is fundamental to
integrative medicine.  We make it our mission to find the root cause rather than masking the symptoms. This integrative approach includes nutrition, yoga, movement, mindfulness, acupuncture and stress management.


The first step in every journey is knowing where you are.

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We provide in-person and online consultations, courses and retreats. Get in touch to talk through how we can support you best. 

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